The aromatic flagrence is especially intense, thus any mental or anatomic barriers can be conquered and overcomed more easily.

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Super Push

This brand new aroma will give your fantasy a new pair of wings and let your body dance to the rhythm of samba! Its sensual scent will take you to a new lust dimension.

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Super Push


This aroma is suited for both slow-starters who need some extra arousal and smooth-starters, who are looking for an extra kick.

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Super Push


Poppers may not be swallowed !

The main thing regarding using poppers is to only inhale them. It is also important to protect nose and mouth against the liquid getting in touch with. Otherwise it causes severe burns, allergic reactions like e.g. strong swellings which can cause a stuffy breathing. Drinking poppers can kill, so poppers may never be swallowed! In case of swallowing poppers inadvertently seek medical advice immediately! Another important aspect regarding poppers: Whenever they are not in use the bottle should always be kept close.

Side Effects

Many of undesirable side effects.

Besides the antihypertensive and vasodilating effect other different undesirable side effects can appear after the use of poppers. Reasons enough for not inhaling the poppers' vapours for to long. A hypotensive can appear which can even cause a syncope. Further undesirable side effects could be headaches, sickness, hidrosis, presyncope, vision disorders or tachycardia. If one of these side effects occour, it is necessary to send for the doctor. If healthy problems are known regarding the inhalation of poppers they must not be used again.

frequently asked questions:

  • ▾ How to use Poppers the right way?

    Poppers are inhaled from bottles or out of a cloth. Partly also in Poppers soaked filter cigarette is used for inhaling. Attention: don't light the cigarette. Poppers are highly flammable!


  • ▾ How long does the effect take?

    The rush takes 3 - 10 minutes and starts immediately after inhalation. The strength of the effect depends on the mental and physical condition. A special role is played here the blood pressure as well as the conditions of consumption, ranging from strong feelings of happiness to nausea and vomiting. The effect is due to a temporary lack of oxygen in the brain due to a sudden expansion of blood vessels. Other effects may be a short-term analgesia, euphoria, muscle relaxation, loss of inhibitions, increasing pleasure during sex, feeling of intimacy, an awareness of touch, modification of the acoustic and visual perception and a sense of timelessness.

  • ▾ Is it allowed to mix and combine Poppers?

    The risks related to multiple drug use are higher than for the mono consumption. Body and psyche are more highly loaded. Individual substance reactions may be intensified or weakened and interactions occur with a time delay. Also very unexpected effects are possible. The mixing drugs with other substances increased the already heavy burden of the cardiovascular system.

    Popper never combine with sexual enhancers or other nitrites

  • ▾ When should Poppers not be used?

    Do not use Poppers in pregnancy. Poppers can be highly detrimental to the organism of the unborn or young children. Do not consume Poppers if you have: cardiac arrhythmias, anemia, glaucoma, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure or general weakness of the heart!

    In case of suspected overdose, immediately call your doctor.

  • ▾ How should Poppers are kept?

    Poppers decompose at room temperature and decrease in their effect. Therefore, they are usually stored in the freezer. Note: Remove the ice-cold bottle to room temperature before consuming.

    Poppers are highly flammable!

    Fresh Poppers smell weak and fruity / chemically. Old Poppers stink of rotten eggs or the like.